Whether you’re new to the cryptocurrency world or have been in the game for a while now, there are always going to be new secrets uncovered that may surprise you! As a cryptocurrency entrepreneur, we all know the importance of staying in the loop with the current trends in the market. Even with all of the research you may do, some things are bound to fall through the cracks. Want to find out some of the cryptocurrency secrets that most websites don’t ever speak about? We will fill you in on three!

1. You Can Buy/Sell Bitcoins at a Local Bitcoin ATM Near You! 

It’s 2019, and to no surprise, you can now buy and sell Bitcoins at an ATM near you. Just as if you were going to take out cash at your local ATM at a gas station or convenience store, it is now a trend that these same locations are hosting ATMs for your favorite cryptocurrency. With just 3 simple steps, you can be on your way to sending and receiving Bitcoins in a matter of minutes.

Step One: Download and install a Bitcoin Wallet app such as GetCoins Wallet app!

Step Two: Scan your wallet address at the Bitcoin ATM and insert cash!

Step Three: Select “Finish” on the ATM and your Bitcoins will be sent right away!

How can buying cryptocurrency be easier than using a GetCoins Bitcoin ATM? When using a GetCoins ATM machine, you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instantly with cash at any of our ATM locations. Our ATMs are the fastest, safest and most secure way to invest in digital currencies. No need to wait weeks for account verification and bank transfers. Create an account and purchase Bitcoin within minutes at a GetCoins ATM machine near you. Many GetCoins locations are open 24/7, and offer free on-site parking, making it easier than ever to access our ATMs. No credit card or bank account information is required to use a GetCoins ATM machine. Just bring cash, and get coins! 

2. Diversifying Your Wallet Is Not Always Key!

When you think about investment, you probably think that you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. You have probably been told the following:


Invest in multiple coins besides Bitcoin

Diversify your cryptocurrency wallet


This is not always the case with cryptocurrency. The only reason you may want to diversify your portfolio with different cryptocurrencies is if you want to invest in more coins that you believe in, not to cover yourself as you would in the stock market. A good rule of thumb is to identify what has the most value for your portfolio, then invest as much as you are comfortable with losing in a single coin, rather than multiple different coin types

If you split your portfolio between different coins, this may reduce your chances of losing everything in your wallet. However, best practices are to only invest what you are willing to lose, in whatever you deem to have the highest potential profit margins. Diversification of your Bitcoin wallet is not necessarily going to bring about less risk. The bottom line is that there are caveats to all strategies, such as the volatility and speculative nature of cryptocurrency. Although it may be challenging to foresee the trends that will follow in this market, the trick is to look to the future and invest in what you believe in.

3. You Can Use Your Bitcoins for Actual Purchases in Store and Online!

When it comes to using Bitcoin for your online purchases, the options are rapidly expanding.  Many large companies are evolving and becoming more involved with blockchain, making it simple for you to purchase their goods and services with Bitcoin. 

It’s rather easy to make online purchases using Bitcoin. To add funds to an online account, just click “Pay with Bitcoin” and give the site your wallet information (this usually involves a QR code). Next, confirm your information and place your order! It’s as simple as that!

Did you know that you can actually save 15% or more on Amazon when you pay with Bitcoin? With Purse, users are able to select a discount from a sliding scale, depending on just how fast they want their items. Ranging from 5%-33%, users can expect more and pay less!

There are some clever sites out there that are committed to making your Bitcoin experience unique, including PizzaForCoins! This pizza delivery site is devoted entirely to you buying pizza with your Bitcoins! Other sites enable you to give gift cards with Bitcoins. Sites like Gyft and eGifter offer the opportunities to create and pay for gift cards using your Bitcoins. Included in these gift card selections are notable retailers such as:

  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Best Buy
  • Home Depot
  • Target

Some additional websites that currently allow you to pay using Bitcoin include:

Although not as common as using Bitcoin to make purchases online, there are many stores that accept Bitcoin as a payment for their goods and services. If you’re unsure which stores allow you to shop with Bitcoins, there are sites that keep a running archive of places that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Coinmap enables you to see who accepts Bitcoin near you! BitcoinResturants allows you to search for restaurants that will take your coins in exchange for food near you!

The world of Bitcoin is changing and improving each and every day! Click here for more Bitcoin information and stay current on cryptocurrency news and trends!

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